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Hello there! I know it has been a long time in between updates, but the second half of this year was very busy. Hope you are all doing well, and I am happy to see that readers are still dropping in to say hi! A little while ago I posted about Kawaiisweetworld’s Rilakkuma Bombe Cake, and a reader has asked about Rilakkuma cookies. Well you’re in luck, because I found that Kawaiisweetworld has the perfect Rilakkuma Gingerbread Cookie recipe! Just in time for Christmas!

Rilakkuma is a character created by the Japanese company ‘San-X’. The name Rilakkuma means ‘Relax Bear’.

Here is a video from Kawaiisweetworld’s Youtube channel, so you can see how these adorable cookies are made!

How to Make Rilakkuma Gingerbread Men

I hope that wherever you are in the world you have a great festive season, and a Happy new Year!