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Cute Hello Kitty Biscuits are Great Bento Box Stuffers!

I have been sick with the flu for the last week so posting slowed down a bit sorry! I got these little biscuits from Countdown a while back – they were on special for $3.50! Each box contains ten snack packs of puffy cracker type biscuits with a strawberry cream filling.

The biscuits themselves are quite tasty, and it was great having a little pack to just throw in my bag on a day out. Each little biscuit is stamped with a cute Hello Kitty-themed design, and these designs varied from pack to pack.

Each box also contains a collectable plastic bag tag with ball chain attached, and the tag has a space to write your name on the reverse. In the box I bought I received a pink Hello Kitty ‘Wild Thing’ bag tag. The plastic is quite sturdy and I image that it will stand up well attached to a bag used every day such as a school backpack.

I would definitely buy these again, but Countdown only seems to have strawberry-flavoured Binky Bites, and I would quite like to try a vanilla or chocolate version if it exists. All in all, these Hello Kitty Binky Bites are a great way to add some quick kawaii flair to your bento lunch if you’re running short on time!

The Packaging:








Free bag Tag: