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You might remember a little while ago that I was lucky enough to pick up a takoyaki pan from Japan City.

The Set:

Kawaii Kiwi - Making Takoyaki

Cute Packaging!

Kawaii Kiwi - Making Takoyaki

Takoyaki are one of my favourite dishes to order when I am at a Japanese restaurant. They are delicious balls of batter fried in a special pan that allows you to form the batter into round balls as it cooks.

Takoyaki generally contains small pieces of octopus and pickled ginger, but I have also tried takoyaki with a sweet corn filling. You could probably substitute any other delicious savoury filling if you are not keen on octopus!

It took a couple of tries to get the hang of using the pan, and a few trips to different shops to find all the ingredients. But it was worth it in the end!

How to Make Takoyaki:

Recipe from ‘Just One Cookbook’

And just because I love ‘Cooking With Dog”s Youtube channel, here’s Francis with a demonstration:

Japanese Instructions on the Box:

Kawaii Kiwi - Making Takoyaki

Kawaii Kiwi - Making Takoyaki

Here’s Our Effort! Not Bad!

Kawaii Kiwi - Making Takoyaki

These were absolutely delicious, and I am hoping to try making these again this weekend! They would also be great in a bento lunch!