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Kawaii Music Boxes – Close Up!

I thought I would write a quick post focusing on the beautiful music boxes from Size Gift Store.

I was actually lucky enough to pick up a couple of the smaller ones when I was there in 2014. I had meant to post photos then but only got around to taking photos and video of them the other day!

The first is a very basic box which plays the theme from Spirited Away:


The second box plays the theme from My Neighbour Totoro and is in the form of a tiny pop-up book. The scene inside the cover is of Mei and Satsuki flying over the countryside at night with Totoro.





Here is a video of both the music boxes in action:

Kawaii Kiwi – Studio Ghibli Music Boxes from Kawaii Kiwi on Vimeo.


The brand of the Totoro box is Nibariki, and they also make the ones seen in this photo from my last post:


If you can’t get to Size Gift Store, than these beautiful boxes are also available online from Strapya World!