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Sarkara – The Sweet Side

Kawaii Kiwi Visits Sarkara The Sweet Side in Wellington


I have been meaning to visit Sarkara in Manners St for a little while now, and I finally made it the other day!

Sarkara stocks sweets from all over the world, but I was mainly interested in their Japanese selection. I was very pleased to find some fun items!


Japanese Candy at Sarkara in Wellington


The lady in the shop was very nice and told me that all the Japanese sweets in the store are imported from Japan with an emphasis on more traditional flavours rather than those designed for the western market. The store is fun to browse with everything laid out on the shelves and also arranged in many glass bowls. There is even a whole sugar-free section along the back wall.


Sarkara - Sugar Free Section


The Haul

I bought: ‘Fruit Tree’ gummy candy, fruit sherberts, Konpeito star candy, Botan Rice Candy, green apple flavoured bubblegum, melon ramune candy, and a mini green tea Nestlé Crunch bar.


Sarkara - The Haul Part 2

Sarkara - The Haul Part 2

Konpeito Candy



Tonight I tried the Nestlé Mini Crunch, the Botan Rice Candy and the green apple bubblegum.

The green tea flavoured Nestlé Crunch was really interesting, it really tasted like milky green tea. However the rice crispies in the bar were an odd combination with the green tea flavour. I would like to try more green tea flavoured chocolate, especially Kit Kats!


Green Tea Nestlé Crunch

Green Tea Nestlé Crunch


The Botan Rice candy was the highlight of tonight’s tasting, each candy had an inner edible wrapper that really did melt in the mouth! The flavour of the candy was citrus-y with a bubblegum tang. I also loved the kawaii illustrated sticker that came in the box!

Botan Rice Candy

Botan Rice Candy Edible Wrapper

Botan Rice Candy Kawaii Sticker

Last of all tonight I tried the green apple bubblegum. The flavour was a lot like the chewy green apple toffee you can get here in New Zealand, but much more intense!

I will save the rest of the candy for another post, I am especially looking forward to trying the Fruit Tree gummy candy in the wafer basket.

I will definitely be back to Sarkara again to try more Japanese sweet Treats!


You can find Sarkara at:

Manners St, Wellington central, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Phone:+64 27 364 4436

…and on Facebook!