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Where to Find Bento Supplies in Wellington!

There aren’t very many places to buy kawaii goods in Wellington, but Japan City is a great place to find Japanese food, accessories, and bento supplies.

Kawaii Kiwi Japan City Wellington

Kawaii Kiwi Japan City Wellington - Giant Totoro Plushies

Japan City is located at 120 Cuba St in Wellington, just next to the chemist. From the outside it looks small, but it is quite large, with sections for homeware, stationery, accessories, toys, and food.

One of the best things about Japan City is that they have a good basic range of bento boxes, chopsticks and matching cutlery.

Kawaii Kiwi Japan City Wellington - Bento Boxes

Kawaii Kiwi Japan City Wellington - Chopsticks

The stock of bento boxes and chopsticks seem to have a slower turnover than the bento supplies, which include lots of rice ball shapers, onigiri boxes, vegetable cutters, egg shapers, and a great range of cute deco picks and separators.

Kawaii Kiwi Japan City Wellington - Bento Accessories

Items like these make it easy to prepare cute nutritious lunches, and you don’t have to be a whizz at creating kyaraben!

Want to know more about preparing a basic bento lunch? Why not check out this video from my favourite Japanese food Youtube Channel, ‘Cooking With Dog’. Francis the toy french poodle explains how you make a bento lunch: