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Looking for something a little bit different and crafty to do this coming weekend? Why not try a Kraci Gummy Candy Kit? All the fun of a mad science kit with yummy fruity gummy results!


I recently discovered that Japan City in Wellington carries quite a good range of Kraci kits, and picked up a small haul to try out.

First of all I tried a basic DIY gummy candy kit! This comes with everything you need to make your own rainbow-coloured gummy candies just by adding water!


Contents of the Kit:

The kit comes with a pallette for mixing the water and powder, several powder sachets, a stirrer, a water dropper, and some small cute plastic cutters. In my kit I got a squirrel, cherries, a star and a tree. Some versions of the kit have different cutters.





My Results:





Slightly Less Successful Results:


The candy itself is actually quite yummy, very fruity and sweet. It was a lot tastier than I was expecting!



This Youtube video shows the process from start to finish!

Japan City:

120 Cuba St,


If you are not in Wellington similar kits can be purchased online from!