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Kawaii Kiwi

Celebrate! Studio Ghibli

Currently playing in Auckland and Wellington at Event Cinemas: twenty-two of Studio Ghibli's movies! The festival ends on September 20th so there is still time to catch your favourites, as well as some lesser-known films! The Japanese subbed versions are being played...

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Kawaii Locals – Claw Grabby!

Cute Stationery, Plushies and Accessories from Claw Grabby! This post has been a long while coming! Earlier this year I tore a ligament, which put things on hold for a little bit and then it was off to Melbourne! For my trip I needed a compact pencil case that would...

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Kawaii Anime – Donyatsu

I recently discovered Donyatsu on Crunchyroll! Each episode is only a few minutes long and revolves around the odd adventures of various kawaii dessert-shaped animals: From Crunchyroll: "Donyatsu is a cat-like, chocolate-coated donut creature living in an abandoned...

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TonyMoly at Cosmic Wellington – Kawaii Locals

TonyMoly Products at Cosmic Wellington! I happened to wander into Cosmic in Wellington the other week to check out their now rather small camera selection. However in the opposite case I discovered a large selection of TonyMoly cosmetics and skincare products!...

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Kawaii Auckland Trip 2015 – Highlights

Last time I posted a photo of my purchases from the Hello Kitty Store in Auckland, and here are the other highlights from the trip! Found! Hello Kitty Mini Pianos At: Music Planet in Queen St. In White: And Black: Dinner at Renkon As usual I got the Pork Sauce Katsu -...

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Kawaii Adventures and a Website Update

Just popping in to say hello! Although it has been quiet here, I have been working on updating the site! There is still quite a lot of work to do, but the home page now has a much better overview of recent posts. I also recently went up to Auckland for a week and had...

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